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Little Europe

Little Europe is about the history of the European traders and their settlements on the banks of River Hooghly in West Bengal. It describes the rise and fall of the European powers beginning with the Portuguese, followed by the Dutch, the French and the Germans who were finally overpowered by the British in the middle of the eighteenth century.

Truly European
Hooghly is the silent spectator and witness of many ups and downs, upheavals through the river bank and settlements for trade and power. It may be said historically Hooghly is one of the most interesting districts in the province of Bengal, indeed in the whole of India. But this interest is entirely correlated to matters in the last four centuries and is almost wholly European. Here within the space of a few miles of river bank, Portuguese, English, Dutch, French, Danes and Flemings struggled with each other, formed settlements. The battle for trade and power were fought on this river Hooghly by most of the European nations and converted the swampy little known corner of the country into a center of all attentions. The Portuguese at Bandel, the Dutch at Chinsurah, the French at Chandernagor, the Danes at Sreerampore and the English at Calcutta left their physical mark in these settlements. It's like a little Europe that is still to be discovered in these places.

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