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Jhargram is located in the western part of Paschim Medinipur. Beyond the Gangetic plains of Bengal, Jhargram offers the most exotic undulating topography culminating in hill ranges of Belpahari, Kankrajhor in the North to the serene and meandering Subarnarekha River in the South. It is a paradise for nature lovers with bountiful forests of sal, teak, peasal and mahul, wild elephants, deer and birds in its vicinity. It is a favorite destination for people who love forests. The ancient temples, royal palaces, cultural feats of folk music and tribal dance, makes it an extremely attractive destination for tourists who enjoy discovering the unknown and unaffected beauty of nature in this area.

Durga Mandir
The Durga Mandir premises comprise a few acres of forest area with rare species of medicinal plants gigantic trees and wild creepers running all over the jungle (said to be brought from Assam), and is inhabited by monkeys, swans, peacocks, mongoose, varieties of lizards and butterflies and many other smaller animals and insects. The forest is so dense that it remains dark and cool even in summer days. People throng here during the Puja festival from neighboring districts.

Many migrating birds gather here and staying here for a couple of months, lay their eggs and fly away. The birds visit in the months of August and September. It is located between Chilkigarh and Jhargram.

Deer Park
It is located about 3 kilometers from the city and is ideal for children. There are snakes, bears, black rabbits, bears, crocodiles and various kinds of monkeys and trees.

Kurumbera Fort
6 Kms from the Keshiari Village, the Kurumbera Fort is a famous tourist spot. It has temples and small quarters under the Archaeological Survey of India. It is built in 1438-69 during rule of Orissa Gajapati Kapilendra Dev. Being a protected monument there is no data available. But it is said that the fort was built in a single night, when Ram, Sita visited the place during their Vanvas.

Chilkigarh Palace
Located a distance of 12 Kms from Jhargram the Chikligarh Palace and the Durga Mandir are worth a visit. The Chilkigarh Palace is an empty building housing 2 temples.


How to reach

Chilkigarh Palace


Located a distance of 12 Kms from Jhargram the Chikligarh Palace .

By Train: The distance from Howrah to Jhargram station is 157 Kms and the journey takes three hours by train from Howrah.
Jhargram Railway Station is on the Kharagpur-Tatanagar section of Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai line which is an express train route.
By Road: Jhargram is also very well connected by roads / highways with other nearby cities like Medinipur, Kharagpur, Durgapur, Asansol, Bankura, Purulia, Haldia, Contai, Digha, Kolkata / Howrah.

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