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Bolla Kali Temple

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The village Bolla is situated 20 km away from Balurghat town on the Balurghat- Malda Highway. There is a famous Kali temple named after BOLLA Ma Kali. The story behind the temple says that a Zamindar was arrested by the British as he could not pay the tax for his Zamindari. Goddess Kali came to his rescue and the Zamindar was freed the very next day. As a token of gratitude, he built a temple of Goddess Kali and started worshipping her.

Every Friday after the Rash Purnima, Kali Puja is celebrated in the temple. A sea of devotees, from different parts of South Dinajpur district, gathers in the temple during the Puja and offer prayers. A three day fair is organized by the Puja committee on this occasion.

The famous Kali temple of Dakshin Dinjapur, Maa Kali is here worshipped as Raksha Kali. Very gorgeous and mighty idol of Maa is worshiped here yearly at November. That time a great fair are arranged here. Lakhs pilgrims come here at that time. A lot of myths are attached with Maa Bolla Kali. Otherwise at every Friday she is devoted a special puja.

Balurghat College Museum
The college museum of Balurghat, though a small one, is worth seeing. Many antique collections including coins, inscriptions, sculptures, terracotta, ornamental stones, etc. of ancient ages are preserved here. Two inscriptions have been deciphered by Prof A K Goswami which has thrown new light on the religious belief of the Pala period.


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Nearest airport is Bagdogra. There is a national highway No. 34 passing from the district. However there are good roads that connect the district to other parts of the state. Apart from the roads there is also a railway route that passes from the district. There are railway stations at Balurghat and Hili towns of the district. A new railway line has been laid from Eklakhi and Balurghat.

Dogachi, one of the best and the biggest forest of Dakshin Dinajpur is at about 6 km away from Balurghat town. It is well connected by both road and railway. The nearest railway station is about 3 km away from Dogachi. It offers a vast scenic and pristine sites of tourist interest. It is one of the pride owner of the most unique ecosystem with rich biodiversity in flora and avian species in Dakshin Dinajpur. This forest can be divided into 5 parts or 5 different spots. The plan and proposal aims at launching a focused programme of organized ecotourism activities around the 5 spots.


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one of the best and the biggest forest of Dakshin Dinajpur is at about 6 km away from Balurghat town. It is well connected by both road and railway. The nearest railway station is about 3 km away from Dogachi.

Devkot (Locally known as Bangarh) (Near Gangarampur). Bangarh is considered to be a historically important place for its ruins, from where a large number of inscriptions dating from the age of Ashoka to the middle ages, have been discovered.

It is situated on the Patiram-Trimohini road about 18 Kms away (North-East) from Balurghat town. This place is very famous for the Tebhaga Movement. History tells us that in the year 1946, the share croppers of this area started a movement for establishing their ¾ percentage share of the crops.
To combat this movement the British Force along with local Zamindars started various oppressive measures including plunder, rape, setting fire, etc. In the face of such oppression, the movement instead of subsiding, further flared up. The local cultivators also lent their whole-hearted support to the movement. On 20 February, 1947, a large contingent of Police force went to Khanpur to arrest the leaders of the Tebhaga Movement. Under the leadership of SriI Chiarshai Sekh, the people disconnected the road. The Police arrested Smt Jasoda Rajbanshi, W/o NilKantha Rajbanshi (Party Secretary), Sri Gopeshwar Das Mohanta, Sri Ghutui Kolkamar, Sri Gajimuddin and Sri Sashi Barman.


How to reach



By Road : From Bolla Kali Temple via NH512 and Kumarganj-Patiram Road will take nearly 36 minutes to cover aaprox 22.3 km roadways in private car.

How To Reach

By Air: Nearest airport is Bagdogra near Siliguri. From there one can reach the temple via train or road communication.
By Train:
Nearest rail station is Balurghat, which is the district headquarters of Dakshin Dinajpur. Trains from Kolkata are available for Balurghat on regular basis. One can reach the temple by road from Balurghat station easily.
By Road:
Taxi or bus is available from Balurghat to Bolla. Busway also available from many other locations of the state.

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